Benefits of Cord Blood Banking The cord blood banking has enormous benefits associated with it. It is very common nowadays to have a stem cell transplant once in the lifetime. Three ounces of blood are connected within ten to fifteen minutes of the birth so you must inform the cord blood banks during the thirty fourth week of pregnancy. After collecting it is tested for various diseases and they are stored in the temperature sensitive containers with the temperature of around -196 Celsius. The stem cells are found throughout the body like bone marrow, umbilical cord, peripheral blood etc… The cord blood banking is a safe and simple procedure and it is painless for both the baby and the mother. The cord blood will match hundred percent with the own cells and fifty percent with the siblings and other family members. Storing the cord blood is a kind of investment for the baby’s future health. It also helps to cure the most dreadful diseases like cancer, heart disease, spinal cord injury, liver diseases, strokes etc… rather than discarding it as a waste you can store the cord blood as the health insurance. The cord blood cells are easy to collect than the bone marrow cells. They have high immune system associated with them the cord blood of the baby can also be used for their parents if they have any dreadful diseases. If the parents have any genetic disorder then the cord blood cannot be used so it is first tested before storing.